Sunday, December 14, 2008


Okay, so now you know Aiden, or at least what he looks like, and how he acts!

Now in line its MY turn! Im Amaris Rendal, Beta wolf (second in command) If anything happens to aiden, i become the new Alpha wolf, i have to take care of Aiden, protect him, and the others, It`s my duty!

I'm 26 (I'm WW of course! XD)
I have long white hair, that naturally reaches my ankles, But i have a gift to change my appearance, so i change it often!
I stand at 5'1 and are very thin (have to be cause i run allot) 
I love anything sweet, like cookies,chocolate, lollipops, so most everything with sugar, except Eclairs, •shivers• they are SO gross! I love my pack and my family and friends! I have a big heart!
Hope you enjoy mates!


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