Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kimiko aka Kiki


Okay, so now you get to meet Kimiko! This is a little girl who has bright green hair, and has the power to change her appearance and age. She`s only 5 but can make herself look like shes 20. (We sneak into movies like that XD) She stands at 3 feet, and has long hair. She is my mini me, she follows me everywhere and does exactly what i do, she told me once i was her role model and when she gets older she would be my twin -__- yeah i know...She loves everything i do, so with that said Here are some of her pics, i hope you enjoy! See`ya around mates!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enough with the numbers..It`s Shade!

This is Hayes and Shade!

Okay, So today your going to learn and meet Shade! He`s one of a kind i have to say! He`s my best friend (besides Mokey) in the wolf pack of ours, Our pack is really close together, but he understands how i feel and gives me space when i need unlike some ppl  •growls at pack•
Anyway, He has grey hair that`s kinda spiky, and stands at 6'3. He`s really quiet around new people, and can snap at yo if you insult any of his family or friends (trust me, you don't want to to experience that..o__o) He loves to sit in the rain and read, and enjoys fast things. Most of the time he`s running around like a wild animal when its just us two hanging out. He loves anything that's cute and will hug it til it pops (don't let him near your children..) and is easy to scare when hes off guard! Hope you enjoy him, Like i said he`s one of a kind! Until next time Mates!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Okay, Now we have Frey Nightbird!

She`s the Shaman in our Pack. She had good tracking skills, and does wonderful magical things that even shock me sometimes! She takes her roll in the pack, very serious! She is a tough cookie.
She stands at 5'8, And had red red hair, Her eyes glow golden, but they change to several colors of brown, and many other colors. Her eyes never stay one color to long! ^_^
She loves to play video games with Hayes and shade, and also to braid my white long hair!
She`s funny, but can be boring sometimes, and doesn't like it when you try to walk over her.
Her favorite animal......Panda!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Okay, so I'm blogging twice today, cause i forgot to do one yesterday. So aren't you lucky?! I`m doing Hayes, The second guardian in our pack. He had shaggy brown hair, and he DOES comb his, unlike mokey. He stands at, uh...6'2 maybe. And Loves about his looks. He`s a hunk, a "Oh i love myself so much" hunk..-__- yeah. He`s very childish, and loves to play sports, and beat everyone he`s ever played. He loves being outdoors, and annoying people. Hope you like His pictures, later mates! (Oh yeah, he`s very good at swordsman ship, he likes to sword fight! ^_^)


Now it`s time for the wonderful person who i love very much! Smokey Black (Mokey for short ^_^) He had dark shaggy black hair, never combs it.

And piecing blue eyes, they are red most of the time, cause he holds grudges against people, and gets angry allot. He stands at 6'3, and hunches over most the time and sits strange in the chair oddly O_o. He loves Candy and anything sweet like me! XD And LOVES Suckers! And lollipops. He is a Guardian in the pack, and does his jobs very well to protect us all! Here are some of his pics that i myself have taken! Later mates! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Okay, so now you know Aiden, or at least what he looks like, and how he acts!

Now in line its MY turn! Im Amaris Rendal, Beta wolf (second in command) If anything happens to aiden, i become the new Alpha wolf, i have to take care of Aiden, protect him, and the others, It`s my duty!

I'm 26 (I'm WW of course! XD)
I have long white hair, that naturally reaches my ankles, But i have a gift to change my appearance, so i change it often!
I stand at 5'1 and are very thin (have to be cause i run allot) 
I love anything sweet, like cookies,chocolate, lollipops, so most everything with sugar, except Eclairs, •shivers• they are SO gross! I love my pack and my family and friends! I have a big heart!
Hope you enjoy mates!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay, So first If you had read my other blog you might know who some of these people are, but im going introduce you to them one at a time anyway, just because im like that! •laughs• I know I`m evil!

Okay so first we have Aiden, He`s the leader of my pack, The Alpha wolf.
He plays a important part in my park, cause you know he`s the leader and stuff, but i kinda feel bad for him cause he has REALLY bad sicknesses, he gets sick all the freakin time. And it doesn`t help he has a short temper....a VERY short temper.
He`s about 26 or 27 years old.
Stands about 6'1, He`s very thin and lanky, looks sickly kinda.
Always has messy hair (blue hair)
He has Golden eyes, but they are black and most of the time, sometimes they change to a blue.
Single.Likes potato chips (BBQ), and laying around.

his werewolf form :

Friday, December 12, 2008

Okay, Q and A`s

Kay. So your all probably wondering "Why does she have another blog? She already has one.." Well i can answer that. I decided my other blog is just got to much stuff on it, and i can`t put any of the other stuff i that i want to put on it. So i just thought "Hey! Why not make another blog?!..sure lets do that! it sounds like FUN!" I know, my Brain is stupid, but anyway, This Blog is going to be about My WW life (Wizarding World) About my pack, and my family and whats happening there at the moment. Yes i will still be posting on my other blog (ya know, the first one..) but i will also be on this one allot as well, I really hope you all like this one as much as you like my other one ^,..,^ but anywayz, that's really all i wanted to say, so...Toodles for now mates!

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