Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alrightt Then

I know it's been forever since the last time I posted. But allot has been going on...

Halloween and other social beings sucking me into the other dimension. I fully let myself be pulled on, and that's how these sorts of things happen, but, who really cares? I don't obviously, Hah. But that's not the real reason why I posted this...well post. I suppose I posted now, because I wanted to change my background, which didn't turn out too shabby, right? And I was fixing the top picture with one of my own, but it doesn't seem to want to show....Crappers. And, to celebrate on my 50. 50% good job, I posted, as you can see. It's not at all interesting, but more of a "Of she posted again, I HAVE to read it". You see, I have already inserted one of my specially made, highly advanced brain-washing device, and have activated it, quit recently. And would you believe it actually really works?


Neither would I. In fact, the whole brain-washing thing was a lie. I do try not to lie often, but sometimes it simply.....slips? I am not a woman of the fowl tongue, but not of the word either. No, no...I don't know what I am sadly. My little brother (Muggle world =Mw) says I`m a "No one". Of course he's talking about some game he plays with his buddy. And they have classified me as, "No One". And being me, I really put thought into this. Should I be insulted? Make a joke out of it, Make a come-back? I didn't know at the time. I simply stared at him, as he laughed walking away, leaving me feeling utterly useless and mowfinkled (Just made that word up btw) and as I laid in my bed several hours later, in the cool darkness of my small square room, I thought "I really am a 'No One' in this large space ship type world we live in". And I was right wouldn't you think? Compared to someone with millions, and billions of dollars, I am a "No one". Just a tiny speck in this giant world. But, it's not that bad, in my little no one world, which is also within the Earth, I have met all sorts of other "No Ones" and each one was slightly different from the other, special in their own way, and you have to think to yourself, Would you rather be a "Someone" and not be happy, or a "No one" and be happy? The choice is quit simple to me, but that's my own choice, my opinion, which like I said before "doesn't matter".

But I apologies for writing all this nonsense stuff to you wonderful people, who take the time to read this ridiculous blog I have started. I Love and Cherish all of you! I hope that means something to at least some other "No One" out there, or in other words, this whole post was worthless. But Oh well. I really have no more to say, and it isn't so much as that, but It`s my bed time, which was given to me, by my so generous father! ^_^ I hope you do all excuse me, for a bid my farewells, and wish you all the best of luck! I don't know when the next post will be, but don't be coming back here everyday to check...I do have 'short term memory loss' or as I call'em "Short brainies" XD

Later mates!

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