Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enough with the numbers..It`s Shade!

This is Hayes and Shade!

Okay, So today your going to learn and meet Shade! He`s one of a kind i have to say! He`s my best friend (besides Mokey) in the wolf pack of ours, Our pack is really close together, but he understands how i feel and gives me space when i need unlike some ppl  •growls at pack•
Anyway, He has grey hair that`s kinda spiky, and stands at 6'3. He`s really quiet around new people, and can snap at yo if you insult any of his family or friends (trust me, you don't want to to experience that..o__o) He loves to sit in the rain and read, and enjoys fast things. Most of the time he`s running around like a wild animal when its just us two hanging out. He loves anything that's cute and will hug it til it pops (don't let him near your children..) and is easy to scare when hes off guard! Hope you enjoy him, Like i said he`s one of a kind! Until next time Mates!


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