Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay, So first If you had read my other blog you might know who some of these people are, but im going introduce you to them one at a time anyway, just because im like that! •laughs• I know I`m evil!

Okay so first we have Aiden, He`s the leader of my pack, The Alpha wolf.
He plays a important part in my park, cause you know he`s the leader and stuff, but i kinda feel bad for him cause he has REALLY bad sicknesses, he gets sick all the freakin time. And it doesn`t help he has a short temper....a VERY short temper.
He`s about 26 or 27 years old.
Stands about 6'1, He`s very thin and lanky, looks sickly kinda.
Always has messy hair (blue hair)
He has Golden eyes, but they are black and most of the time, sometimes they change to a blue.
Single.Likes potato chips (BBQ), and laying around.

his werewolf form :


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