Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pike & Pika

Okay, so this is my Lovely Twins. Pike and Pika, both have very different personalities, like pike.

Stands at 4'2 and LOVES video games. His hair is a light brown and is a bit shaggy, it used to be cut short, REALLY short but hes letting it grow out. He loves comics, and anything that deals with fighting (What a boy)
And then you have Pika. The sweet and gentle kind, who loves playing in the fields piking flowers and playing with her dolls. She stands at 4'1 and always wars dresses, except when she`s feeling frisk-Kaaaay! ( XD ) her hair is also a brown, a little darker then pikes, and falls past her shoulders. Most of the time pike is in his room watching the Telly, while pika`s stuck up my butt, but I don't mind! Well there you have it, I hope you like them, their both really sweet!!
Until next time, later mates!

...:::Last one, is when Pika had her hair dyed, but its back now:::...


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