Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, Today i thought i would introduce you to my lovely daughter, Nightmare.
She stands at 5'6 and has black hair. She changes her hair color quite allot so, you may not recognize her form off the street if you saw her, but most of the time, her hair is black.
She loves anything dark and spooky, i guess you could tell We`re related XD!
Her eyes are a natural red, but sense she is a Werewolf, they tend to change to a Golden every now and then!She also is very fond of her older brother "Vladamir" As he is to her. Her watches after her and makes sure no body messes with her. (He does the same for me and his other siblings, Very protective of his girls in his family XD)She also like Mokey, LOVES Lollipops, and candy!
Here are some of her pics i have of her, some are old and others are new, so here ya go mates!


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